Global value chains, systemic competitiveness and territorial endogeneity – methodological notes and relevance to economic policy

In this article I briefly discuss the powerful methodological foundation provided by the global value chain, systemic competitiveness and territorial endogeneit ... >>

Mesopartner @ Work

Market and Funding Analysis in Vietnam CARE International (CI) has maintained a presence in Vietnam since 1989 and established a positive reputation with numer ... >>

Facilitation and Change of Meso Organisations

This article reflects on selected experiences gained from the project Competitive Regional Economic Development (CREDO) in Krajina, funded by the Swedish Develo ... >>

The emergence of a meso space - Country Case Myanmar

As is typical for a country such as Myanmar, which only started a transformation process in 2012 after decades of isolation, business opportunities are abundant ... >>

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Harnessing the power of complexity in development

Starting in September 2018, Mesopartner & Narrate present an extended, unique expedition through complexity approaches to enhance agile, adaptive and appropriate work in dynamic and uncertain ... >>

Expert capacity building by Mesopartner

Mesopartner Summer Academy 2018 will take place from 2 - 6 July in Berlin, Germany. We have a few places still available - apply now! We encourage organisations to send small groups (3 to 5 memb ... >>

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